Founded in Birmingham, Alabama — a city fondly nicknamed the Iron City for its rich history in iron and steel — Iron Tribe Fitness blends one-on-one coaching with group fitness. Because we want you to get the most out of every 45-minute workout, we always provide two highly-trained coaches and limit classes to 20 participants.

Why Tribe? Many reasons. Here are three:

1. Fun — Iron Tribe makes working out fun! You’ll get the attention you deserve with great personal coaching. Plus, we provide a positive environment where you can workout out in a group of your peers.

2. Fast — Workouts only last 45 minutes. We get you in, out and on your way. No need to worry about cramming in a long workout – we solved that problem for you.

3. Fit — Not only will you get fit, you’ll become the healthiest version of yourself! Start seeing results today and fit into that knockout dress or fitted pair of jeans collecting dust in your closet.

Maybe that’s why Iron Tribe athletes choose to renew their memberships, month after month, year after year at a renewal rate that’s higher than any we know of, in our industry.

“Taking care of yourself physically needs to be a priority. In life, a person is going to make time for whatever they think is important. I never envisioned I’d be the guy waking up at 4:30 so that I could work out at 5:15, but it’s been three years, and it’s made me better.”
— Greg Sankey, SEC Commissioner